Virtual Book Expo Services

We provide TWO OPTIONS for Virtual Book Expo Services ->

Are you a current Exhibitor?

Having attended Book Expo America in New York City with over 20,000 book industry reps including those from libraries, booksellers and more, during Ottawa Book Expo this October, we will be interviewing all authors and publishers on camera at their booths.

We will then send this video to more than 1000 of our contacts which we saved. This will "immortalize" our Book Expo for participating Exhibitors toward continued sales with institutional buyers after our event.

Are you just seeking to be an Exhibitor but can't travel to Toronto, Canada?

Here are the steps to participate in our Toronto Book Expo without travelling to York University in Toronto on Saturday, March 21, 2020.

1 - Fill out our Virtual Book Expo Application.

2 - If approved, send us a video about your author(s) and each title that you want to be featured. We will then upload your videos to our Toronto Book Expo YouTube Channel when we are ready to publish content received for our Channel. Each video should ideally be no more than two minutes long in order to keep the attention of viewers.

3 - Prepare and send us an unlimited amount of newspaper-style articles that promotes your titles for uploading onto

Explains the process of uploading articles and images onto our site.

4 - Send us profiles and photos of each of your authors for publication online and in our planned catalogue for