The Hunt Is Here


An exciting new book has broken onto the young adult sci-fi/fantasy scene: The HuntIt’s the first installment in the Ninth Scripture trilogy written by Markham, Ontario author D. Wolfsbane. The novel is a densely packed adventure filled with shocking plot twists, relatable characters, and is wonderfully imaginative.

The Hunt is set on Cuest where a war has raged for longer than anyone can remember. It’s a place where men are conscripted when they come of age and women are sent to nurtures to birth more soldiers to replace those they bury.

At the orphanage of Sector Six, Zecaar, a hopeful pessimist, is saved from her numbing fate and taken to Talcom Academy because she has something the others do not—she has the Talent. She clings on to school as her last chance for salvation, but as she cultivates her telepathic and telekinetic abilities amid sanctioned fights, discrimination, and hidden agendas, events begin to spin out of control until Zecaar begins to ask herself—is this where I truly belong?

The Hunt is a story about one teenager’s journey to find a purpose to call her own and a place to call home. But finding these things is not so simple. In a world where perception eclipses truth and fate challenges choice, the road Zecaar travels is never quite what it seems.

If The Hunt sounds perfect for you or someone you know, then buy it now on Amazon in either paperback or ebook format and support a local author. For more information, you can follow D. Wolfsbane on Twitter or check out her website.