Enjoy fairy tales? Don’t miss this!


Enjoy fairy tales? Don’t miss the NEW Adventures of Doctor Snow White Chicken & Her Seven Frog Physician Assistants by children’s author and illustrator, Rachel DiNunzio. This comedic and empowering fairy tale spin-off stars and powerful chick, well, chicken, who is not in any need of rescuing!  

When a young chicken unknowingly stumbles upon some wild Strawberry Slepificus bushes, a poison strain of berries known to put chickens into an un-wakeable sleep, he stops to have a snack. It is up to Doctor Snow White Chicken and her team of frog physician assistants to figure out how to wake Henry up, and there is no magic kiss to save the day in this story!

Rachel DiNunzio is a Western New York children’s author & illustrator all about kindness, creativity, and empowerment! Rachel’s book collection features a variety of titles from her Forsynthia Fits In series, to the adventures of Olive the Chameleon Cat, to Be KindScarlet’s Symphony, and Moolah: The Counting Cow! Rachel’s mission is to foster a love of reading, to encourage independent thinking, and to help all children reach their highest potential. 

You can follow Rachel on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter @RachelDiNunzio or visit RachelDINunzio.com for links to all of her books, author visits, and her podcast: The Book Creator Podcast.