Canadian author Liliana Hoton Releases Inspirational Children’s Book: Little Cricky


Canadian author Liliana Hoton has released a book that is bound to warm the hearts of every child out there. Titled Little Cricky, the book highlights the inspirational tale of a cricket’s journey in search of a precious item, very dear to his heart and soul.

Originally written in Romanian by Domnita Georgescu-Moldoveanu, the book is a heart-warming story that incorporates several morals that can inspire children to become better adults. Little Cricky was translated from Romanian by Liliana Hoton and Miruna Nistor, whose children were the very first avid readers of this brilliant story.

Little Cricky is the brain child of Domnita, who emigrated to France during communism.  She spent the rest of her life travelling between Paris and Ottawa, before passing away in 2013 in Paris. An avid writer, she began writing a very young age, experimenting with different genres including poems, novels and children’s tales. Due to the quality of her craft, she had beena member of the Writers' Union from Romania, a membership that she lost when she quit for France. As such, she wrote the majority of her work in French.

After her death, Liliana Hoton, supported by Domnita’s sister, Natalia Georgescu-Moldoveanu, fulfilled Domnita’s wishes and continued publishing of her work, wanting to spread the core values that made Domnita a cherished figure in the writing community.

Just likeother top inspirational children titles such as Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox, How Raven Stole the Sun, Nokum Is My Teacher, Coyote Tales and Little You, Little Cricky is a book that is bound to excite children and keep them entertained all the way.

In the book How Raven Stole the Sun, a shape-shifting raven is determined to rescue humans from darkness by stealing the stars, moon and sun which are kept under lock and key by a greedy chief. Little Cricky follows a similar story of courage, with the cricket embarking on a journey to recover his stolen violin.

Even as adults, certain moments in our childhood—whether happy, sad or beautiful—have a lasting effect on us, and we know that these moments shaped us in one way or another into what we’ve become. Reading a wonderful book like Little Cricky can create such moments in the memory of a child, moments they’d cherish forever as they grow older in life.  It is known that adults who had the opportunity of reading a beautiful and captivating book during their childhood, will always remember the strong feeling they experienced as a child. That’s what makes Little Cricky a must-read for every child out there, as it can shape their character by taking them on a wild journey of emotions from sadness to anger and anticipation, to expectation and joy, and to the most important feeling of all, the love of life.

As you flip through every page of the book, following the cricket on his journey, the words and actions depict perseverance and instils a never-give-up spirit, no matter the challenges on the way. Who wouldn’t want their child to grow into a courageous fellow? With Little Cricky, children are exposed to positive universal values and virtues as the story of the little cricket progresses. They learn the beauty of the soul, the importance of loyalty, the depths of friendship, the rewards of courage, the strength of passion and the need for happiness.

Authors Liliana Hoton and Miruna Nistor ensured that this book is captivating enough to incite the interest of children with well strung words and rhymes and beautiful pictures that spark the imagination.