Toronto Book Expo 2020 to Feature Mike Lee's Not Gonna Write Poems


The highly anticipated Toronto Book Expo 2020 is a mixing pot full of diverse authors and innovative work. Among its highly anticipated attractions will be Mike Lee’s Silverstein-inspired children’s poetry book “Not Gonna Write Poems”. The featured book stands by the Expo’s aim to raise awareness regarding illiteracy by making reading fun, easy and relatable for all ages.

Not Gonna Write Poems” is heavily inspired by the late poet Shel Silverstein. It delves into minor familial issues like snoring parents, hiccups, schoolwork and more “adult” themes like love and marriage. Despite being promoted a children’s book, the poetry collection covers a wide enough range of situations to make it relatable to adults as well.

The author—Dr. Michael A. Lee, is a physician turned poet. He shares that his family shares his love for Silverstein and attributes his recent ventures to the late poet’s work. He states that his family has found a productive way of bonding through Silverstein’s work, which inspired him to write a book that encourages families to do the same.

Not only is the collection of whimsical poetry perfect for reading aloud to your family, but it also helps readers enjoy poetry. Michael shares that his work aims to keep the poetic arts alive and thriving by introducing readers to a new kind of poetry.

Perhaps one of the most inspiring aspects of his book is the fact that it is self-illustrated with the help of his 10-year-old daughter. Mike Lee has taken a page from his inspiration’s book by self-illustrating his work alongside his daughter. The pair boasts a completely whimsical and tongue-in-cheek collection of poetry complete with silly and descriptive drawings.

Lee’s collection of poetry also takes on Silverstein’s descriptive way of writing. The work is effective in reeling in readers by making it easy to understand yet highly valuable. He shares that it is perfect for reading aloud to family members. Furthermore, the quatrain format of each poem allows readers to share a quick giggle afterwards.

“Not Gonna Write Poems” is the perfect introductory book to the poetic arts. Thanks to the Toronto Book Expo and Canadian darknet market WTN, it will be readily accessible to visitors and locals who wish to learn more about Mike Lee’s work or purchase a copy. Tickets for the Toronto Book Expo are available but are flying fast so secure your booking now before they run out.