Why ‘World Unravelled: Book One of The Scorched Earth Saga’ is a must-read


Fantasy novels are becoming the most popular book genre among readers and for World Unravelled, it is bound to leave you wanting more with its thrilling plot.

World Unravelled takes its readers through a journey of love, mystery, sacrifice and courage. Written by Anthoney Pavelich, the book explores the journey of a young man, Gevan, who uncovers a secret that is bound to change his life forever.

Born in Michigan in 1972, author Anthoney was a frequent traveller as a child and always harboured the dream of becoming a writer. His favourite genre being fantasy and Sci-Fi is accentuated in his most recent work. Now married, Anthoney is bent on spreading the joys of imagination to his readers by providing them with a sweet escape into the world of magic where the possibilities are endless—similar to popular novels in the fantasy genre.

Staying true to the author’s life perception, World Unravelled embraces the LGBTQ community with characters that warm their way into the audience’s heart. No matter what side of the argument you are on, World Unravelled is bound to gleam your heart and open up your imagination.

Set in the fantasy Kingdom of Ethas, the main character, Gevan, who was raised by his mother and sister after the passing away of his father at birth uncovers a secret that changes his reality. Gevan encounters a strange old man who reveals to him histrue father, a sorcerer with great power.

This new revelation turns Gevan’s world upside down separating him from his mother, sister and best friend, Jack. Along the lines, Gevan finds love and has to make the tough decision of either staying or leaving to discover his true self. World Unravelled takes readers on a whirlwind journey through love, family, family and courage as Gevan is left with several difficult choices to make.

As the character progresses, Gevan discovers he has a unique gift passed over to him by his father and must now learn to harness powers that he was once oblivious of. He will also uncover a truth that the three kingdoms of Cruconia have kept a secret for over a century to protect it from the same threat that Gevan’s father fought against a long time ago. Now the oars rest on Gevan and he must journey to new lands in the only world that he has ever known.

In the midst of it all, Gevan is plagued by consistent dreams that reveal visions of an impending horror and destruction. While he battles to discover what these visions mean, a voice in his head consistently speaks of an inevitable meeting. Would it be a friend or foe? Nonetheless, Gevan must be prepared to face his worst fears.

World Unravelled gives you the Harry Potter- esque experience though without the flying broomsyet the same passion, suspense, magic and thrill—even with an added twist to it.For a first-time author, Anthoney’s book is a well-crafted literature that would be immensely satisfying for readers in the fantasy genre.

As one reader Sparks Donovan noted, World Unravelled is a fascinating story that is filled with wonderful ideas and characters that leave you wanting to discover more about them.