Book self-publishing now made much easier for Toronto authors


One of the most frustrating things about being a writer is not the writing itself. Sometimes, the greatest hurdle is how to get your book published and across to your audience. This has been the case over time but for authors in Toronto, the story is now changing for the better – all thanks to Agora Publishing. With this brand, authors in Toronto and its environs can now achieve their lifelong ambitions of having their books out there without stress.

Agora Publishing is able to get this done for people for a number of reasons. It is a brand that is uniquely positioned to provide writers with all the client services that they need as far as book publishing is concerned. Established in 1997, the not-for-profit corporation has a very comprehensive system as far as book publishing is concerned. It is the brand to trust and rely on when it comes to publishing for writers not only in Canada but all over the world.

From independent authors to corporate writers to university professors and community teachers, Agora is more than ready to meet their needs. For authors based in Toronto, Agora Publishing is really a dream that has turned to reality. With their platform, it becomes easy to do the publishing of your manuscript in line with the highest standards comparable with any on the planet. For those who do not have the resources, book self-publishing can be a very challenging task. However, by working hand in hand with Agora, becoming a self-publisher moves from the realm of fantasy to reality.

The authors in Toronto will find Agora a lot more interesting for several reasons. This is because the professionals at the publishing enterprise handle every level of publishing. In other words, the author does not need to undergo any stress once the manuscript has been submitted. The experts at Agora will do the rest. The services include not just self-publishing but others like search engine marketing, advertorials and book distribution for the products.

The services offered are so detailed and complete that for book self-publishing information sessions, authors can get free one-on-one meetings or Skype sessions via Meet-Up with any of the Agora professionals. There is a proper evaluation of the manuscript before the pre-marketing services. As hinted earlier, Agora handles everything from the very beginning to the last and this is done with diligence. Take the pre-marketing package, for example, it includes book cover design (it includes single or multi-image design), author website connected to social media platforms, free International Standard Book Number (ISBN) registration, book description and even a YouTube book promotional video.

For the manuscript itself, there is a peer review service alongside basic level copy editing works. Production services involve typesetting, layout and print-on-demand tasks. Marketing involves a whole lot and these include book publicist services, book agency services, book distribution works and extensive media relations aimed at the maximal promotion of the book. That all these marketing services all come at no charge to the author is one of the many reasons Agora Publishing will always be an excellent option.