Toronto Small Business Communities Welcome Toronto Book Expo


You invented a great new product, now you’re having trouble selling it? You are not alone. One of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs is that while they can confidently develop impressive innovations, it is always extremely difficult to commercialize these products.

Past research has shown that this gap between innovation and commercialization is from a lack of formal processes and effective talent-management strategies. Many new businesses have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to dream up innovations just to realize that they are rather inept at selling them to customers.

For this reason, small businesses in Toronto are beyond excited to be a part of the Toronto Book Expo, an event whose goal is to support the marketing and sale of innovative products and services which are often difficult to promote.

Successful companies are aware of the fact that the sales process for new products entails different allocations of time and must surpassdiverse objections and obstacleswhen compared with the traditional approach. Businessesthat excel at selling new products have qualities and characteristics different from those of businesseswho sell existing product line. The best companies develop organizations and cultures to support the sale of innovations.

The Toronto Book Expo team seeks to use a breadth of broad experiences in the Canadian book publishing industry to boost the commercial success of all businesses that actively seek support from the event.The Expo also seeks to help facilitate a professional networking environment among all participants to further boost commercial success.

The Toronto Book Expo is a not-for-profit-organization seeking to showcase the literary-cultural vitality of Toronto, and Canada while supporting small business communities, who are potentially seeking to avail themselves of opportunities to improve their skills as salespeople for innovative products.

This year's Toronto Book Expo will also facilitate the building of new friendships and new synergistic relationships among business people from all backgrounds and diversities on a non-discriminatory basis.

Harvard Business Review found that most companies who were successful at selling new products have a culture that supports new-product sales. During the product launch phase, these companies help their salespeople learn new behaviours. Many organizationssimply do not pay attention to the area of supporting the sales of new products and this is where they fail.

The Ottawa Book Expo would hold on Thu, March 19, 2020, 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM EDT. The venue is at York University Students & Convention Centre, 15 Library Lane, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3, Canada. The expos sponsors would work hard to make this event an experience to remember for all participants, be it the exhibitors representing the Canadian book publishing industry or the authors looking to find a new audience or build a professional network or the business people who would be present to promote their business and sales of innovative products.

Even if you are not a business person, you can still visit the expo and immerse yourself inCanada’s expanding business &literary community from the country’s diverse cultural backgrounds.